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Biological sciences are key to the overall security, economic success and environmental protection of the UK. In recognition of this and the need to ensure effective responsiveness to a number of global challenges such as food security and climate change, seven bioscience research institutes that are strategically funded by BBSRC are working in partnership as National Institutes of Bioscience (NIB).

The founding members of the NIB partnership are:

  • Earlham Institute
  • The Roslin Institute
  • The Pirbright Institute
  • John Innes Centre
  • Quadram Institute
  • Babraham Institute
  • Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences


The National Institutes of Bioscience is a strategic partnership that aims to ensure the effective delivery of a national strategy in bioscience and maximise the impact of the Institutes’ research programmes

To achieve these goals, the partners agree to act collectively in order to:

  • Achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness through the identification of best practice in every aspect of research management and delivery, and the sharing of infrastructure
  • Inform the development of government policy in the broad area of Biological Sciences
  • Identify and foster opportunities for novel multidisciplinary research across the Institutes and between Institutes and other organisations
  • Identify and deliver joint training opportunities to share and improve skills within the Bioscience sector
  • Maintain and promote the international reputation of the UK as a world leader in Bioscience Research and Innovation
  • Provide highly-skilled rapid-response teams in Biosciences to address crises or unexpected needs by Government
  • Identify opportunities and develop best practice in effective knowledge exchange and commercialisation to leverage research excellence into economic development opportunities and drive the UK’s bioeconomy


The National Institutes of Bioscience will coordinate appropriate responses or statements to help inform and develop national and international scientific policies.

The National Institutes of Bioscience will promote bioscience research in the UK and represent the collective interests of the institutes nationally and internationally.

The National Institutes of Bioscience will raise awareness with policy makers and the general public of the impact of the institutes’ research for the development of the UK’s bioeconomy.

 The National Institutes of Bioscience will facilitate cross-institute meetings, workshops and conferences at which the member institutions can share knowledge, skills and best practice.


The Directors of the member Institutes convene twice a year at strategic board meetings.  These meetings are currently chaired by Neil Hall, Director of Earlham Institute.

The National Institutes of Bioscience is facilitated by a part-time coordinator.


You can download a copy of our manifesto, by clicking here: NIB manifesto (pdf 474KB)