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The aim of the National Institutes of Biosciences’ International Strategy is to strengthen the UK’s reputation as a world-leader in bioscience research and to ensure that the Institutes’ research has a global impact.

The skills and resources that the National Institutes of Bioscience bring together can make significant contributions to global research efforts in key economic sectors: agriculture and livestock, bioenergy, biotechnology, food, drink, health care and pharmaceuticals.

International collaboration is central to the Institutes’ mission. Through international fellowship schemes, paired research programmes, student exchanges and joint centres, the Institutes are collaborating on a wide range of projects with research organisations all over the world.

Through long-term collaborative projects with partners in Europe, Africa, Australia, Brazil, China, India and USA, the National Institutes of Bioscience are addressing research areas of strategic importance such as human health and wellbeing, animal health and welfare, agricultural sustainability, crop improvement, pest and disease management, disease surveillance and land management.