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Engaging in collaborative research and forming strategic partnerships with the world’s leading research organisations and businesses is crucial to maximise the impact of the Institutes’ work for society and the economy.

Through collaborative research, industry can harness the Institutes’ expertise and address knowledge gaps at a fundamental and pre-competitive level. The National Institutes of Bioscience also offer consultancy services, diagnostic services, skills training and the use of a whole range of world-class facilities and technologies platforms. Most group leaders have longstanding relationships with companies and many collaborative projects involve training a PhD student, which ensures junior researchers also start building relationships with industry.

The National Institutes of Bioscience keep businesses updated of their research and promote their services to industry through industry-focussed showcase events, seminars and workshops. These events are an excellent opportunity for networking and initiating new research collaborations. They also help ensure that the Institutes’ research remains responsive and relevant to industrial needs.

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