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Brexit: Ensuring the best outcome for UK bioscience

On the 23 June British voters decided to leave the EU. This decision has important consequences for the UK’s scientific research base.

NIB Institutes have benefited from EU funding, EU collaborations and the free movement of people. As negotiations to establish a new relationship with the Europe start to take place it is imperative that the needs of the research community are addressed effectively.

In our mission to tackle global challenges such as food security, climate change and healthy ageing, NIB Institutes will continue to recruit and retain the best scientists from around the globe and to collaborate with international research organisations.

In the coming weeks and months we are committed to work with the UK Government to ensure that the requirements to maintain the UK’s strong bioscience and biotechnology sector are met.

Our response to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee inquiry into the relationship between EU Membership and the effectiveness of science, research and innovation in the UK submitted in November 2015 can be found here.