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By carrying out world-class basic, strategic and applied research in key areas, the activity of the National Institutes of Bioscience has measurable impacts on the UK economy, health and industry.

Independent assessments of the economic impact of research in the National Institutes of Bioscience suggest that there is between an 8- and 15-fold multiplier on the return on public investment in the Institutes.

Examples of the impact of the National Institutes of Bioscience in response to UK Government priorities

  • Scientific appraisal of GM agriculture through the National GM farm-scale evaluation
  • Response to the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) and Foot and Mouth epidemics and new outbreaks such as Schmallenberg
  • Developing next-generation vaccines against economically important livestock diseases
  • Understanding the mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance to reduce its impact on animal and human health
  • Building international partnerships for agriculture, biomedical and food security research