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Pulling together to meet global challenges

Biological sciences are key to the overall security, economic success and environmental protection of the UK. In recognition of this and the need to ensure effective responsiveness to a number of global challenges such as food security and climate change, seven bioscience research institutes that are strategically funded by BBSRC have founded the National Institutes of Bioscience (NIB) partnership.

The research carried out at the National Institutes of Bioscience aims to address challenges at a national and global level, notably the need to:

  • ensure food security nationally and internationally in the face of growing populations and decreasing arable land
  • protect the world population against diseases, disease vectors and the threat of bioterrorism
  • respond to the effects of climate change and to the inevitable depletion of fossil fuels
  • anticipate and avoid threats to food safety and human nutrition
  • understand the biological mechanisms underpinning ageing and development to promote lifelong health and wellbeing
  • develop new industrial, medical and agricultural biotechnologies and provide new leads for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and agricultural industries
  • provide a quantitative knowledge base which can be used to optimise our ecological footprint
  • determine through comprehensive life cycle analyses the best approaches to sustainable agriculture, energy security and preventative medicine