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Bringing together bioscience resources

The Institutes’ National Capabilities put the National Institutes of Bioscience in a unique position to respond to global challenges and collaborate with national and international organisations to reach common goals.

The National Institutes of Bioscience brings together:

  • an unmatched trained workforce of scientists that can take on any new biological problem and provide rapid progress
  • long-term databases of scientific knowledge in many key sectors that can be accessed in response to national emergencies or crises
  • National Capabilities, facilities and equipment which can be adapted rapidly to respond to crises or international responsibilities
  • strong established interactions with industry partners in the agriculture, biomedical and biotechnology sectors that enable the effective translation of discoveries
  • long-term monitoring of key national resources or critical change factors
  • personnel, expertise and equipment to tackle strategic problems that require a multidisciplinary approach
  • efficient delivery of research through establishment and support of best practice in every aspect of research management
  • expertise and knowledge-base to advise government and policy makers on complex multidimensional problems, international negotiations, EU initiatives and international aid